Beautiful Winter, Holiday, and Christmas Photos

Merry Christmas from Cre8tvegrl

Some Wintry Model Photography by Mis Amigos Aloha, friends! We just passed the Winter Solstice, the time that the northern hemisphere is the farthest it will be from the sun all year. While many of my friends are currently experiencing the chill of Mother Nature and a break from bountiful warmth, it’s been 80 degrees Fahrenheit, here, on the islands. It’s slightly

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Putting an End to Cookie-Cutter Models: The Need for Diversity in Fashion

Cre8tvegrl in Sizes

Expanding the Internal Dimensions of Fashion Model Diversity: Part I A recurring request in fashion is for more diverse models in runway shows, ad campaigns, and in archetypal, department store mannequins. While modes of fashion change yearly, and the diversity of workplaces and organizations has increased to allow for continual leveling of our consumer playing field, the female, aesthetic models

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How to “Dig the Underground” in Your Neighborhood: Part II


Tonight, the 5th Annual RAWards semi-finals Honolulu will take place at Crossroads at Hawaiian Brians. Badra Belly Dance – RAW Performer of the Year In addition to the fantastic three artists I blogged about last week, mis amigas in Badra Belly Dance will have the opportunity to show their stuff as possible RAW Performers of the Year. Garnering their name from the

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